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Introducing Nastya Perfumes, inspired by nature. Venture hand-in-hand with our master craftsmen, your guides through Mediterranean, Oriental and Western influence as every delectable fresh top note or deepest base note luxury sets its own scene. A perfume range in perfect harmony with its surroundings, through cruelty free and sustainable manufacturing processes using only vegan and ethically-sourced ingredients, flowers, select oils and painstaking craftsmanship alone to deliver three unique styles. Mouth-watering summer-fresh fruits of ‘Buongiorno Sorrento’ transports to a wistful vision of evenings lost among citrus groves, effortlessly enchanting Middle-Eastern lusts of ‘Only You’ creates spellbinding intense allure, while the fascinating romance of ‘Anima’ conjures enigmatic mystiques of irresistibility.

Crafted in tune with the human hand, each Nastya bottle claims special worth in your collection unleashing a unique spell to mesmerise and entice. Trusted base strengths of Amber, Musk, creamy Vanillas and woodier notes Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Precious Woods pulsate through each scent. Daring middle note spices, tropical hints and floral touches offer a perfect frame for each tantalising fruity top note flourish that accentuates and typify this triumph of unisex perfume blends.

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